How to recover a lost GCE certificate in Cameroon


The GCE(General Certificate of Education) issues by the Cameroon GCE Board to sucessfull candidates who sat for the GCE exams.These Certificates are essential when applying for a job or looking for admissions in universities abroad.

A lost GCE certificate is really disturbing for any candidate who sat and passed the Exam.
However, some students or citizens usually lose their certificates due to unfortunate circumstances or simply due to sheer negligence, but can be recovered by requesting for a GCE Certificate Duplicate from the GCE Board.

The Cameroon GCE Board charges 50000 FCFA to recover and issue a duplicate GCE certificate after the original certificate is lost, and takes less than one year for the Cameroon GCE Board to retrieve and recover a lost GCE certificate.

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Note that, only sucessful GCE candidates are given a certificate. You can therefore only requrest for a GCE certificate duplicate if you have once sat for the exam and passed.

Required documents
  • A Certificate of Loss or Proof of Loss signed by the police or competent authority for candidates who reside abroad.
  • A duly signed handwritten application
  • A 1000 FCFA fiscal stamp attached to the application.
  • A Photocopy of the Birth Certificate
  • A valid photocopy of the individual's National Identity card or International Passport.
  • A Photocopy of GCE Certificate or Results slips if available.
In possession of all the above documents, do the following:
  • Attach the copy of your stamped handwritten application into a suitably sized A4 envelope.
  • Also, include copies of your birth certificate, National ID or Passport, and a photocopy of the GCE certificate if available.
  • Go to the main office of the Cameroon GCE Board in either Bamenda or Buea.
  • Pay the non-refundable fee of 50000 FCFA as applicable charges to get your GCE certificate.
  • Submit your complete file which contains all relevant documents as stipulated.
  • Your duplicate GCE certificate will be issued in less than a year, and you can collect it at the GCE Board main office for free.

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