Job Opportunity : Finance Analyst - PPRD Project

Job Description
Agency : UNDP
Title : Finance Analyst - PPRD Project
Job ID : 31981
Practice Area - Job Family : Crisis Prevention and Recovery - FINANCE MANAGEMENT
Vacancy End Date (Midnight New York, USA) 05/08/2020
Time Left

Duty Station : Yaounde, Cameroon
Education & Work Experience : G-Bachelor's Level Degree - 4 year(s) experience, I-Master's Level Degree - 2 year(s) experience
Languages Required: Desired:
English, French
Grade : P2
Vacancy Type : TA International
Posting Type : External
Bureau : Africa
Contract Duration : 364 days

The crisis that affected the North West and South West regions of Cameroon has damaged public infrastructures, broken social cohesion and slowed down economic development. With the aim to resolve the crisis, the President of the Republic called for a Major National Dialogue, that brought together more than 600 participants from all 10 regions of the country. Third quarter of participants to the Dialogue came from the NWSW regions. The Head of State instructed the Prime Minister, Head of the Government to preside over the Major National Dialogue. Among other recommendations, the Major National Dialogue recommended the reconstruction of North West and South West regions.

The Government of Cameroon and UNDP collaborated to the formulation of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development (PPRD) of the North West and South West regions based on PUDC project Business model. The PPRD is a component of the National Development Plan 2020-2030 (post DSCE), aiming at reducing the effects of the socio-political and security crisis for the affected communities in the NW/SW regions. The PPRD feeds into the government efforts to resolve the current crisis. This initiative is complementary to other key reforms such as the establishment of a Special Status for the NW/SW regions.

Confronted with complex development challenges, the Government intends to emphasize on governance, economic recovery and crisis prevention in order to consolidate the peace process. Through the PPRD, the government aims at reinforcing the resilience and development of the populations in the affected regions of North West and South West. The Government envisages to restore social cohesion, provide livelihood opportunities and increase access to basic services for communities in the NW/SW regions. Finally, through the PPRD, the Government ambitions to bring about short and medium terms transformational changes.

The United Nations Development Programme is the implementing partner and fund manager of the PPRD. The program will be implemented through a dedicated accelerated execution modality over a period of 2 years. UNDP will build on its extensive experience to implement similar Recovery and Reconstruction large programs. The PPRD will consolidate peace in the NW/SW regions, by building capacity at national and local levels to address the underlying structural causes of vulnerability, marginalization and insecurity. To this end, the PPRD is articulated around 3 key pillars: social cohesion, rehabilitation of infrastructures for basic services and local economic revitalization.

Under the overall guidance of the DRR and the direct supervision of the PPRDPM, the Finance Analyst is responsible for effective delivery of finance services for the PPRD. He/she analyses and interprets the financial rules and regulations and provides solutions to a wide range of complex issues related to finance issues. 

Duties and Responsibilities
Summary of key functions:
  • Effective and accurate financial resources management and oversight
  • Implementation of operational and financial management strategies and procedures
  • Projects’ budgets management and organization of an optimal cost-recovery system
  • Control of project accounts
  • Control of project cash managementFacilitation of knowledge building and sharing
He or She will ensure the following tasks:
  • Provide support to the Project Manager in the development of budget proposals that meet the required standards within the organization;
  • Assist in the preparation of the disbursement plan in line with the activity planning and the financial rules and procedures in force;
  • Ensure the monitoring of expenditures in relation to the approved budget;
  • Assist in the preparation of the required financial reports;
  • Coordinate the management of petty cash by ensuring their opening, optimal functioning and closing in accordance with the rules and procedures in force;
  • Checking the correct accounting coding of financial transactions recorded in ATLAS by the Finance Assistant and correcting any errors observed;
  • Work to develop and maintain good working relations with the CO financial services to ensure a rapid response to requests made;
  • Assist in the periodic verification of the budget tracking tables maintained by the PPRD Finance Assistants;
  • Contribute to the establishment of rules and procedures to ensure efficient management of the organization's resources;
  • Seek and recommend realistic solutions that comply with the rules and procedures in force in the United Nations, with a view to continuously improving the quality of the project's deliverables;
  • Ensure the proper archiving and regular updating of the financial rules and procedures in force;
  • Ensure proper archiving and regular updating of the financial rules and procedures in force; Follow up on staff invoices in case of private use of the organization's resources;
  • Provide support for the proper maintenance of the project inventory;
  • Ensure the supervision of the Finance Assistant;Carry out any other task requested by the DRR and the Project Manager.
Expected results:The key results have an impact on the overall CO efficiency and particularly on the PPRD project efficiency, in financial resources management and success in introduction and implementation of operational strategies. Accurate, thoroughly researched and documented financial information, timely and appropriate delivery of services ensure client satisfaction and enhance both the PPRD project and UNDP credibility in use of financial resources.

Key Competencies
  • Communication skills ;
  • Team spirit ;
  • Ability to plan and organize;
  • Sense of responsibility ;
  • Creativity ;
  • Customer focus ;
  • Willingness to improve ;
  • Openness to technology
Technical competencies:
  • Strong accounting, budgetary and financial management skills;
  • Ability to draw up and monitor several budgets;
  • Good command of the ATLAS software (advantage);
  • Good knowledge of the administrative and financial rules in force at the United Nations (advantage);Rigor in the management of resources, property, equipment, office materials and buildings, based on the rules and procedures laid down in this regard.
Required Skills and Experience


At least a Master degree in Financial Management, Accountancy, Banking management

At least a Bachelor degree in Financial Management, Accountancy, Banking management with 4 years of relevant working experience 

  • At least 2 years of relevant working experience at national or international level in the field of Financial Management
  • Experience with a United Nations agency or in an international NGO/Organism will be a strong asset;
  • Experience with a UNDP CO in a similar project model/approach (such as PUDC) is required;
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc) and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handling of web-based management systems are required
  • Have a good knowledge of web-based management in finance; accountancy, budget, etc…
  • Knowledge of the United Nations system policies and procedures would be desirable
  • Experience on IPSAS requirements and procedures is mandatory
Fluency in French and English, written and spoken

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