Job Opportunity : Nurse - CMR COVID19 CLINIC, Basic Social Service

 Job Opportunity : Nurse - CMR COVID19 CLINIC, Basic Social Service

As a response to the COVID 19 pandemic, the UN system has set a team purposedly dedicated to handing all aspects of prevention, care and follow up of staff affected or infected with COVID 19;

Under the concept of “Duty of care”, this team offers, preventive messages, testing of suspicious cases and travelers, care of positive cases. This team comprises medical doctors and nurses.

In that line, the position of nurse is key into offering comprehensive services to affected staffs and dependents.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Clinical Duties:

-       Responds to emergency calls and assists Medical Officers.

-       Ensures effective liaison between patient and private doctor, paramedics, family members, and colleagues as appropriate, documents case findings.

-       Assist to the medical officer on the management, organization and coordination of the fever clinic, including isolation ward, etc at the duty station.

-       Assist the medical officer in the follow up and tracking of the positive cases and close contacts

-       Performs point of care diagnostic and screening tests. 
-       Performs clinical assessment of patients visiting the walk-in clinic; provides care/advice accordingly or facilitates referral to the UN Medical Officer or to an outside physician, as indicated.
-       Ensures preparedness of staff travelling on missions or reassignments, including administration of appropriate vaccine, instructions on malaria prophylaxis and other travel-related ailments. 

Assists in providing health education and health promotion programs; participates in work environment assessment with special emphasis to the prophylaxis of the relevant diseases of the outbreak.

2. Medico-administrative duties:

-       Assists Head Nurse in all her/his activities as required.

-       In the UN Clinics administered by UNDP and Regional commission acts as Head Nurse.

-       Ensures that medical instruments are properly sterilized.

-       Ensures proper filing of medical and other records.

Evaluates, orders and maintains an efficient inventory and stock control of medications/vaccines and other medical supplies and equipment.
3. Supervisory Duties:

Assumes all supervisory and medico-administrative duties of the Head Nurse in her absence.  In the case of the Regional Commissions and the UN Clinics administered by UNDP, acts as Head Nurse and supervises the work of other nurses.
 4. General: 
Performs other related duties as required. 

  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • People Management
  • Communication
  • Delivery

  • Relationship Management
  • Universal Health Coverage Monitoring
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Internal Reporting and Accountability
  • Mentoring and capacity building
  • Knowledge Management
Required Skills and Experience

Registered Professional Nurse with high school diploma and who is a graduate of either an accredited baccalaureate nursing programme or an accredited diploma programme (3 years). National registration and license are required. 
Five years of experience in nursing or related area. UN field experience is highly desirable. Demonstrated expertise in the care of the mechanically ventilated patient, including the set up and maintenance of circuits and ventilator machines. Previous experience in humanitarian crisis and infectious diseases is highly desirable. Certification as Intensive Care Nurse or a minimum of 1 years’ experience as an Intensive Care Nurse in the past 5 years. Proven experience in barrier nursing and use of PPE.
Language Requirements:
English and French are required. Knowledge of another official United Nations language is an advantage

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