Community Develpment Specialist KmerTech

Community Develpment Specialist KmerTech


The Cameroonian Association of Technology and Digital Innovation for short "KMER TECH" aims to federate ESO ( entrepreneur support organisations).

Mission description
  • The community development specialist of KmerTech will be placed under the supervision of the Executive Board and under the responsibility of the President
  • Be the permanent link between the executive office and the ecosystem
  • Prepare the deployment of the action plan and ensure compliance with the ecosystem event calendar
  • Set up monitoring of indicators and management of the action plan
  • Ensure the proper organization of activities by the association
  • Ensure a good flow of information on the actions implemented by stakeholders and maintain collaboration between all parties
  • Animate the community through social networks (Facebook, twitter, website, etc.)
  • identify events organized by the Cameroonian ecosystem
  • identify opportunities that can benefit the ecosystem
  • Participate in events alongside the executive office
  • If necessary, mobilize external expertise by drafting the terms of reference, be the referent during the missions carried out and ensure the quality control of the delivered deliverables

Successful candidate most have transferable skills and of curious nature. You are interested in new technologies, digital, and have knowledge related to startups and more generally to the business world.

Other important skills for success in this position:
  • Interpersonal skills, communication, thoroughness and anticipation, Independent
  • Skills in graphic design tools will be a plus in your application.
  • Experience in the field of start ups or incubators is suitable for the proposed position.
  • Be bilingual (French / English)
  • Hold a bac + 4 minimum
  • Know the Tech ecosystem of Cameroon
  • 3 years professional experience
  • Passport holder
To apply please send motivation letter and CV to /

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