Job Opportunity : Sales and Marketing Associate

Job Opportunity : Sales and Marketing Associate

Job Opportunity : Sales and Marketing Associate

Sales and Marketing Associate - Labacorp Energy Limited 

  • Selling of Labacorp Energy products and services
  • Speaking to senior-level executives around the globe and selling the opportunity to partner with Labacorp Energy
  • Responding to external sales inquiries and generating leads
  • Prepare all budgets activities for all Labacorp Energy activities
  • Prepare, design, and offer various services proposals to clients
  • Meeting with clients to discuss business relationships, and selling Labacorp Energy services, and events
  • Responsible for driving revenue through prospecting, marketing, and selling
  • Management for sales campaigns, and working closely with Labacorp Energy management
  • Achieving individual sales targets set in conjunction with Labacorp Energy management
  • Keep track of new business opportunities in targeted markets
  • Maintain telephone contact with key contacts to establish their promotional strategies
  • Sell over the phone to existing and potential new clients to meet realistic sales revenue targets
  • Weekly reports on sales and marketing plans and activities
  • Perform additional duties as required in the sales and marketing domain
  • Plays different roles related to achieving revenue goals for Labacorp Energy Limited
  • Bilingual: Fluent in English & French - Write Good English / Grammar - Based in Douala, Cameroon      
  • Office and Mobile Working
  • Ability to work from home
  • Must be passionate about development in Africa
  • Must be enthusiastic and thrives on balancing multiple priorities
Ensure that you are capable to fulfill the duties and responsibilities
Must be good in making phone calls to potential and existing clients
Computer: Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Vision

Selection Stage

- Materials Review

- Phone Interview

- In Person Interview

- Probation Period

- Official Employment

Performance Evaluation 

- Demonstrates trust and credibility 

- Demonstrates high levels of productivity

- Ability to negotiate and build rapport effectively

- Good organizational and time management skills

- Demonstrates effective listening and communication skills

- Competencies and demonstrates objection handling skill

Labacorp Energy Code of Conduct
  • Demonstrate reliability
  • Communicate constructively
  • Listen actively and function actively
  • Shares openly and willingly
  • Cooperates and pitches into help
  • Exhibits flexibility and work as a problem-solver
  • Show commitment to the company
  • Treats others in a respectful and supportive way
Application Requirements 
  • Professional CV
  • Professional Profile Picture (Half Size)
  • Professional Cover Letter address to Labacorp Energy
Send CV, Motivation letter and photo (PDF) to | 


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