Job Opportunity : Geographic Information System Expert PPRD

Job Opportunity : Geographic Information System Expert PPRD

Job Opportunity : Geographic Information System Expert PPRD

Job Description - The United Nations Development Program
Agency : UNDP

Title :
Geographic Information System Expert PPRD SOUTH WEST - BUEA
Job ID : 31373
Vacancy End Date (Midnight New York, USA) : 09/07/2020
Time Left

Duty Station : Buea, Cameroon
Education & Work Experience : I-Master's Level Degree - 5 year(s) experience
Languages Required: Desired: English French
Grade : SB4
Vacancy Type : Service Contract (SC)
Posting Type : External
Bureau : Africa
Contract Duration : ONE YEAR

The crisis that affected the North West and South West regions of Cameroon has damaged public infrastructures, broken social cohesion and slowed down economic development. With the aim to resolve the crisis, the President of the Republic called for a Major National Dialogue, that brought together more than 600 participants from all 10 regions of the country. Third quarter of participants to the Dialogue came from the NWSW regions. The Head of State instructed the Prime Minister, Head of the Government to preside over the Major National Dialogue. Among other recommendations, the Major National Dialogue recommended the reconstruction of North West and South West regions.

The Government of Cameroon and UNDP collaborated to the formulation of the Presidential Plan for Reconstruction and Development (PPRD) of the North West and South West regions. The PPRD is a component of the National Development Plan 2020-2030 (post DSCE), aiming at reducing the effects of the socio-political and security crisis for the affected communities in the NW/SW regions. The PPRD feeds into the government efforts to resolve the current crisis. This initiative is complementary to other key reforms such as the establishment of a Special Status for the NW/SW regions.

Confronted with complex development challenges, the Government intends to emphasize on governance, economic recovery and crisis prevention in order to consolidate the peace process. Through the PPRD, the government aims at reinforcing the resilience and development of the populations in the affected regions of North West and South West. The Government envisages to restore social cohesion, provide livelihood opportunities and increase access to basic services for communities in the NW/SW regions. Finally, through the PPRD, the Government ambitions to bring about short and medium terms transformational changes.

The United Nations Development Programme is the implementing partner and fund manager of the PPRD. The program will be implemented through a dedicated accelerated execution modality over a period of 2 years. UNDP will build on its extensive experience to implement similar Recovery and Reconstruction large programs. The PPRD will consolidate peace in the NW/SW regions, by building capacity at national and local levels to address the underlying structural causes of vulnerability, marginalization and insecurity. To this end, the PPRD is articulated around 3 key pillars: social cohesion, rehabilitation of infrastructures for basic services and local economic revitalization.

Under the overall guidance of the RR and the direct supervision of the DRR and PPRDPM, The GIS specialist is responsible for the design and implementation of a GIS (Geographic Information System) and the Programme databases.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Design and define the GIS architecture;
  • Propose a methodology to be followed for the implementation of a geographical information system adapted to the components of the Programme;
  • Design a database model for the PPRD GIS;
  • Supervise the development and installation of the system;
  • Organize, prioritize, check data quality and correct data;
  • Produce technical tools for the collection and feedback of information from the field;
  • Transfer spatial (GPS, aerial photographs...) and/or socio-economic data by ensuring a standardized integration of updated information in the project database;
  • Carry out complex spatial analysis operations;
  • Set up a data catalogue;
  • Coordinate with the Experts of the PPRD Management Unit and the control offices the updating of databases, the production of maps to feed the communication media, and the periodic reports (in the form of scoreboards) addressed to the Government;
  • carry out, In conjunction with the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, an analysis of the territory, providing a reference situation for future comparisons on the basis of relevant monitoring indicators with a view to assessing and evaluating the factors linked to the progress made during the period of implementation of the PPRD;
  • Elaborate, edit and print the thematic maps by areas of interest and according to the evolution of the programme's activities;
  • Set up a web tool informing on the evolution of the Programme according to the targets;
  • Budget and make proposals for appropriate GIS technology;
  • Define the characteristics and technical specifications of the equipment to be acquired for a better exploitation of the GIS.
  • Planning of system monitoring (MIS) implemented:
  • Plan updates and make a programme for updating the MIS over the entire duration of the programme;
  • Formulate the instructions for the continuous feeding of the database;
  • Develop a training and upgrading plan for PPRD members;
  • Ensure the training and upgrading of the members of the Project Management Unit in cartography/GIS concepts and software through a well-targeted training programme in the field of collection, management, exploitation and updating of geographical data;
  • Accompany the program team after training in the use, handling and operation of the GIS.
  • Integration of MIS into the project monitoring and evaluation methodology:
  • Determine quantifiable socio-economic and infrastructural indicators that can be integrated into the GIS database in consultation and in relation with the M&E Expert;
  • To develop prospective models for the evolution of the territory;
  • Implementation of an easy-to-use tool that can be adapted to all the municipalities in the area of intervention;
  • Development of an implementation plan for MIS and M&E management of the project based on a common architecture and its extension to include new sectors;
  • Evaluation of the necessary budget.
  • Integrate the GIS within the national system of monitoring and evaluation of development programmes and projects:
  • Develop interactions with existing databases and structures implicated in the execution of the programme.

Expected skills:

- Knowledge in photogrammetry-interpretation and remote sensing;

- Knowledge of GPS surveys and their integration with GIS;

- Knowledge of community development approaches;

- Pedagogical competence to ensure the training of one or more members of the team.

Functional Competencies:

- Serve and contribute to the vision, mission, values and strategic objectives of the UPCD;

- Participate effectively in an environment based on teamwork, information sharing, collaboration and cooperation with other partners;

- Respond flexibly and positively to change through active participation;

- Foster a learning environment; facilitates the development of personal and collective skills;

- Generates new ideas and approaches, researches best practices and proposes new and more effective ways of doing things;

- Results Oriented: Plans and produces quality results to achieve objectives;

- Demonstrate Innovation and Discernment;

- Strive to provide quality, client-centered services in decision making (both internally and externally);

- Contribute to the search for innovative and practical solutions to deal with complex situations.

Basic skills:

- Promotes ethics and professional integrity;

- Builds and promotes effective teamwork;

- Take initiative;

- Facilitates and encourages open communication within the team, communicates effectively;

- Creates synergies through self-control.

Required Skills and Experience

At least a Master's degree in Geography, specializing in Geographic Information Systems or Geomatics

At least 5 years of experience, at national or international level, in Geography, specializing in Geographic Information Systems or Geomatics or a similar field;
Work experience in similar position will be a strong asset
Proven professional experience in the use of computers and office software (MS Word, Excel, etc.), and extensive knowledge of spreadsheet and database software;
Good knowledge and use of specifics tools such as ArcGIS, ArcGIS online, QGis, MapBox , Carto, is required

Language Requirements:

Mastery of written and spoken English;
A good knowledge of French would be a determining asset.

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