Job Opportunity : Case Management Coordinators (CMC)

Job Opportunity : Case Management Coordinators (CMC)

Job Opportunity : Case Management Coordinators (CMC)
Job Title: Case Management Coordinators (CMC)

Report to: Project Coordinators


Funded by the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) implements the Key Interventions to Develop Systems and Services for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (KIDSS) project. The project addresses the challenges of sustainable care and support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) by strengthening the capacities of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon (GRC), civil society, communities and households to provide quality care and support to HIV-infected and affected children in Cameroon. KIDSS partners with 25 local implementing organizations, the Government of Cameroon and other stakeholders to reach OVC and their families in 32 health districts across nine regions of Cameroon. The program consists of prevention, case finding and adherence counselling and support activities for OVC as well as ensuring community support for linkage to care and retention among children and adolescents living with HIV.

To build resilience of HIV infected or affected families, KIDSS strategy is centered around a case management approach whereby families and OVCs receive services based on individualized need assessment and development of case plans. Case plans are implemented through delivery of layered services, monitored closely, and the objective of the case plan is assessed to prepare to graduate a family which has reached resilience (i.e. the Case Plan is achieved).

The Case Management Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the case management process. S/he is responsible for supervising up to ten (10) Case Workers (CW), Field Agents/PSP, Peer educators, Adult Mentors, Positive Parenting facilitators, and coordinate direct and indirect services (referred services) to project participant. The Case Management Coordinator works closely with other staff to ensure that services which are provided by different actors are coordinated. These include MEAL Coordinator, and Data Entry Clerks. They facilitate relationship with health facilities to achieve effective bi-directional referral of CLHIV, HIV-positive pregnancy and breastfeeding women (PBFW) and HIV Exposed Infants (HEI) and staff of Social Centers and services.

Specific Responsibilities:
  • Planning and coordination
  • Coordinate the activities of Case Workers.
  • Develop careful individual action plans and see it there are implemented.
  • Participate in the case management process, including graduation.
  • Ensure that the organization reaches the targeted cohort every quarter.
  • Ensure effective linkage and implement referral with health facilities, social centers, legal services, etc.
  • Prepare and submit timely monthly activity/narrative reports accompanied with data in collaboration with the Data Clerks to the Project Coordinator for onward submission to CRS.
  • In collaboration with the Project Coordinator, worker closely and plan meetings with the focal point for mentorship, supervision and trainings
Management family files, Case Closure and Closure of the project
  • Ensure proper storage of family files/folders at the CSO office. S/he is the responsible for managing the confidentiality of family files
  • Track and document all cases of graduation, transfer and attrition. Ensure that this exit path way is always included in the monthly narrative report to better calculate the OVC_SERV indicator
  • Implement the transitioning phase of the project closure.
Staff monitoring &supervision and development
  • Provide monthly supervision and support to Case Workers, Field Agent/PSP, and Adult Mentors including regular feedback to Case Workers
  • Conduct monthly monitoring of case management activities in the field (document assessment and reassessment, and case plans and case plan achievement)
  • Track the performance of Case Workers and the organization
  • Ensure the organization achieve the performance bonus every quarter
  • Quality Improvement and Assurance Management
  • Organized weekly program and data quality meeting in collaboration of the Data Clerk
  • Ensure that KIDSS staff complete the report (register) of the Quality Assessment during field monitoring visits, feedback and recommendation
  • Conduct monthly-quarterly home visits to ensure that beneficiaries are receiving reported care
  • Oversee the implementation of the SIMS Corrective Action Plans
  • Ensure that the SOP of KIDSS is constantly used to ensure quality services by Case Workers
  • Ensure continuous technical capacity strengthening of Case Workers.
  • Minimum Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in the Social Sciences, health sciences, or project management.
  • At least 3 years of experience in development activities, with at least 1-2 years of project management
  • Experience with OVC care and support programming
  • Proven leadership ability with strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong verbal and written and documentation skills in either English or French. A working knowledge of English is required
  • Strong computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet (e-mail), Skype meetings)
  • Experience or proven ability to work in collaboration with local authorities, strong linkage with other organization, and easy to work with.
Supervisory Relationships: Project Coordinator

Key Working Relationships:

Internal: MEAL Coordinator, Accountant, Field Agents/PSPS, Adult Mentors, local authorities, OVC organizations, project beneficiaries

External: KIDSS Project Officer Case Management, Senior Project Officer Zonal Lead, MEAL Officer and/or Data Quality Assistant.

This job description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties, and responsibilities associated with the position.

Location : Abong Mbang / Région de l’Est

Procédure de soumission des candidatures

Le dossier de candidatures comprend : une lettre de motivation, un CV;

Les doivent être soumises en copie dure et adressées au coordinateur du projet à l’adresse mail suivante :

La date limite pour la soumission sera le 30 juin 2020.

Les demandes incomplètes ou reçues après la date limite ne seront pas prises en compte.


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