Avis de recrutement : Subgrant Officer

Avis de recrutement : Subgrant Officer

Avis de recrutement : Subgrant Officer


Cameroon has among the highest burden of HIV in West and Central Africa (4.3% among average risk reproductive age adults – DHS 2011). High HIV prevalence is associated with high-risk sexual behaviors such as inconsistent use of condoms and lubricants and a high rate of sexually transmitted infections (STI). Stigma and discrimination have further marginalized key populations limiting their access to life-saving services such as anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and reducing the country’s ability to control the HIV epidemic.

The national response is led by the National AIDS Control Committee (NACC), which coordinates implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2011- 2015. This policy aims to reduce HIV and STI-related morbidity and mortality and alleviate its socioeconomic impact on the development of Cameroon. Among strategic approaches, the plan stresses improved access to prevention, care and treatment for key populations.

U.S. Government (USG) commitment for the response is articulated in the 2012 “PEPFAR Blueprint: Creating an AIDS-Free Generation”. Among various USG agencies supporting the response, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) focuses on combating the spread of HIV/AIDS through five key activities: HIV prevention in Most-At-Risk Populations (MARP) or key affected populations; care and support to children affected by AIDS; strengthening the national pharmaceutical management system; technical assistance to programs funded by the Global Fund; and operational research in the area of HIV prevention.

The USAID-funded Continuum of Prevention, Care, and Treatment (CoPCT) for HIV/AIDS with Most-at-risk Populations (CHAMP-Cameroon) is a five-year program with a total estimated cost of $18.8 million. Initiated in April 2014, CHAMP has the following objectives: (1) technical competence of partners in key populations program design and management using the CoPCT increased, (2) enabling environment for key populations HIV/AIDS programming strengthened, and (3) quality assurance/quality improvement, and monitoring and evaluation systems in the CoPCT strengthened. These efforts will expand service coverage in four focus regions and generate data for evidence-based programing. The program will employ a continuum of care approach, linking clients with community-and facility-based interventions. It will also strengthen the policy environment to support client-friendly services and appropriate social protection and advocacy.

CARE USA through CARE-Cameroon serves as the prime for this cooperative agreement in partnership with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and Global Viral (GV). Together, the consortium is collaborating with the NACC, the Ministry of Health (MOH), community-based organizations (CBOs) and other stakeholders (UNAIDS, the Global Fund, the World Bank) to build the capacity of the national, regional and community response.


The Subgrant Officer will be a member of the CHAMP team based at the CARE Cameroon office in sites Bertoua, Ngaoundere, Bafoussam. The Incumbent would provide under the supervision of the Subgrant Manager.


Under the supervision of the Sub-grant Manager and in collaboration with the technical staff of the program, he/she will be responsible for accompanying the sub-recipients in the implementation of the program’s administrative and financial procedures; for justifying the financial expenditure of grants; and for monitoring the implementation of Internal Audit Service's recommendations to the sub-recipients.

In addition to providing guidance and support for accounting, budgetary and administrative functions for subgrant recipients, the Sub-grant Officer will assist the Sub-grant Manager in identifying organizational, managerial and institutional capacity building priorities for subgrant recipients.


This includes:
  • Facilitate training/information sessions on administrative and financial procedures of grants with sub-recipients (review of procedures, application of case studies, etc.).
  • Monitor the management of subcontracts in the field through a supervision and control plan approved in advance by the Sub-grant Manager.
  • Assist sub-recipients in the implementation of procedures: be available to answer questions, provide tutoring on project sites, help find solutions to difficulties encountered.
  • Monitor the quality of supporting documents and the presentation of sub-recipients'; financial reports at the time of filing in CHAMP's offices and provide initial feedback to those in charge of these aspects.
  • In relation to and under the technical supervision of the Sub-grant Manager, develop with beneficiaries of the subcontracts, an annual capacity building plan and ensure its effective implementation.
  • Maintain an archive and database of all subcontracts by maintaining a matrix of each partner's progress in executing subcontracts.
  • Assist the Sub-grant Manager in the formulation of any revisions under the terms of sub-contract budgets or their extensions.
  • The incumbent of the position is authorized to provide any useful information to any program officer. If the information is intended for outside use, he/she is required to inform the Subgrant Manager.

  • The successful candidate will have a proven record in Office subgrant and Program management, strong interpersonal skills, and a history of working successfully in teams.
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree or Associates Degree with field experience required.
  • Experience: Minimum (1) year of professional experience in the position of accountant or subcontract administration in local NGOs. Have a good knowledge of law and taxation. Have skills in the use of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Power point etc.).
  • Language Proficiency: Written and oral fluency in French language is required. Additional fluency in written and oral English is preferred.
  • Knowledge: Understanding of rules and regulations related to USAID project funding, sub-contracting and reporting requirements desired.
  • Skills and abilities: Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively as part of a team. S/he must have strong time-management skills in order to prioritize and manage numerous activities concurrently.
  • Supervision received: The Subgrant Officer works under the general supervision of the Subgrant Manager. The latter and the incumbent will review roles and responsibilities together, set goals, objectives, expectations and results to be achieved. The incumbent will be expected to seek advice and assistance as required.
  • Exercise of judgment: Good judgment is required to analyze, interpret, and adapt prior experience, particularly as guidelines are updated and new activities developed. Within a range determined by the incumbent and superiors, the incumbent exercises independent judgment in planning and follow-up of actions and assignments. The incumbent works with some level of independence.
  • Nature, level, and purpose of contacts: The incumbent will be expected to dialogue with a wide variety of CBO Finance and administrative representatives
As per CARE-Cameroon compensation package.|

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity please submit a resume, a cover letter, CV and a list of at least three (3) professional references NO LATER THAN June 12th 2020 to recrutement@carecameroun.org with “Position Title" in the subject line .

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