Afrika Youth Movement Call for Translators / Interpreters (Paid)

Deadline: June 5, 2020

Afrika Youth Movement (AYM) is looking for Translators / Interpreters to assist with a project for UNESCO. The selected volunteer translators and interpreters will work with the AYM team on a one month project on migration and COVID-19 across West Africa.

Are you a professional translator, interpreter or voice over artist from Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroun, Guinée, Mali, Niger, Nigeria or Sénégal? Do you have previous work experience? Apply to join the AYM team working to secure a project for UNESCO.


The voluntary roles include STIPENDS.

  • Open to Professional / voluntary translators, interpreters and voice over artists from across West Africa
  • Be an INTERPRETER / TRANSLATOR in any of the following languages:
    • Ghana (Abron, Asante, Ewe )
    • Cote d’Ivoire (Agni, Baoulé, Bété, Guéré, Senoufo, Yacouba)
    • Cameroun (Beti, Douala, Peul/Foulbé)
    • Sénégal (Diola, Mandingue, Sérère, Soninké, Peul/Foulbé )
    • Niger (Djerma, Songhai, Haoussa / Hausa)
    • Peul/Foulbé (Cameroun, Guinée, Mali, Niger, Nigeria et Sénégal)
    • Mali (Senoufo, Soninké)
    • Guinée (Soussou, Peul/Foulbé )
  • Must have previous work experience as a translator/interpreter (paid or unpaid, professionally or voluntarily).
  • If you can “voice over” in any of the above-mentioned languages, you can apply too.


Please send your UPDATED Translator/Interpreter CV to

Make sure to include previous work experience as a translator/interpreter you might have done in the past (paid or unpaid, professionally or voluntarily). THIS IS A CRITERIA FOR BEING SELECTED.

For more information, visit Afrika Youth Movement.

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