Job Opportunity : Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - ECHO Project

Job Opportunity : Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - ECHO Project

Job Opportunity : Monitoring and Evaluation Officer - ECHO Project

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (ECHO Project Project) 

Date: 18-May-2020

Location: Kousseri, EN, CM

Company: Plan International

The Organisation

Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls.

We believe in the power and potential of every child. But this is often suppressed by poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination. And it’s girls who are most affected.

Working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners, we strive for a just world, tackling the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children.

We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood. And we enable children to prepare for – and respond to – crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge.

We have been building powerful partnerships for children for over 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.

Job Description 

Position Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (ECHO Project Project)

Grade B

Department & Location Disaster Risk Management / PU Maroua (Kousseri Sub Office)

Date 18 May 2020

Reports to (position): Team Leader

Duration 12 months


Working in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, Plan aims to reach as many children as possible, particularly those who are excluded or marginalized with high quality programs that deliver long lasting benefits by increasing its income, working in partnership with others and operating effectively. Plan is committed to responding to children affected by emergencies in the countries of our operation.

Given the current humanitarian crisis in the Far-North Region of Cameroon Plan is engaged in providing life-saving humanitarian assistance, protection, education and psychosocial support. Its operations are implemented in key sectors of Protection (Child Protection and SGBV), Education, Food Assistance and Nutrition, Livelihood, WASH and NFIs in coordination with all other humanitarian institutions.

With a new funding form ECHO, Plan International will implement from 2020-2021 in Logone & Chari Division a project in the sectors of Education.

Under the project, this position is responsible for the technical management and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities in the project. He/She will ensure quality and norms in the implementation of project M&E activities.

Dimensions of Role:

These positions are responsible for technical leadership and coordination of planning initiatives, monitoring, evaluation, accountability, learning and dissemination in the context of ECHO project implementation for assistance to IDPs and Host communities in the Far North Region of Cameroon (especially in Logon & Chari). She/he will also strengthen the projects technical team and will provide technical support to the coordinators, communities and other partners. She/he will co-ordinate closely with the Project Coordinator, the EiE Specialist, the Senior M&E Coordinator in the Program Unit and other Emergency Response Team members and Plan staff, especially monitoring & evaluation management, to build the technical capacity of local partners, and improve programme quality and effectiveness of the project implementation and current response/project as well as any future recovery activities. The Monitoring & Evaluation Officer of ECHO Project will be based at the Sub office of Kousseri.

Key End Results and Typical Responsibilities:
  • Design/update strategy for dissemination and capitalization of Plan International Cameroon experiences in the ECHO Project implementation in the context of the response to the crisis related to the influx of Nigerian refugees and Internal Displaced Persons in Far North;
  • Provide technical support to the Project Coordinator, other project staffs for the activities implementation;
  • Follow the implementation of activities and to ensure that the information/data collection is made in accordance with the load specifications of the project, guideline of donor and in accordance with the strategic guidelines and Plan International Cameroon programmatic standards;
  • Participate in the development/review of the action plans and detailed budgets of project;
  • Develop/update the tools of indicators monitoring of the project;
  • Ensure quality control of data and information collected, through the development and/or review of tools for the data collection in accordance of the logical frameworks of the project, the quality assurance system of Plan, Program Quality and Influencing Procedures (PQIP);
  • Organize/supervise the data collection, their processing and analysis of data in the context of the monitoring of indicators of the projects;
  • Train Projects Staffs, local Plan staff, members of the local organizations partners to the use of data collection tools; 
  • Elaborate the performance reports and the reports of projects indicators monitoring and to ensure their presentation according to the request;
  • Participate in the selection and organize the follow-up of the mission of studies office/consultants selected for studies and evaluation; 
  • Organize and ensure all data collection for the capitalization of lessons learned and good practices identified in the context of the project implementation;
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the domain; 
  • Participate actively in the annual evaluation process of programs of Plan International Cameroon and in the evaluation of the performance of organizations partner;
  • Coordinate and/or implement training and briefing of Plan staff, partners, and other key stakeholders on M&E activities and/or related issues.
  • Strengthen the capacities of staff and partners on M&E strategies, approaches and on feedback and complaints activities. Perform regular visit on the field assist area supervisors in recording field activity data;
  • Contribute to project reviews and evaluations;
  • Contribute to the preparation of the baseline TORs and project evaluations;
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
  • In collaboration with the MEAL Unit and others emergencies response member, support the implementation of the feedback mechanism by capturing and reporting the viewpoint of children, young people, community members and others partners about Plan International’s work in order to improve it
Dealing with Problems
  • Complexity of problems handled & the degree of investigation, analysis, & creative thinking required to solve them.
  • The job requires contribution to the decision-making on the basis of assumption and experience, as little hard information will be available. Decisions need to be context specific and there will often be no precedents to draw upon.
  • Decisions may affect the lives of thousands of disaster affected children, millions of dollars, security of staff, and the profile of Plan across the humanitarian sector and across media.
  • Excellent and creative leadership skills will be utilized to make strategic choices on responses with limited resources and with possible resistance from colleagues as is often the case in emergency response work 
  • He/She should work under pressure and accept travels and stays in areas often austere.
Communications and Working Relationships:

Key Internal Contacts
Emergency Response Manager, Planning and Monitoring Specialist, ECHO Project Manager, ECHO Project Coordinator, Senior M&E Coordinator of PU, other members of the Emergency Response team, and Plan staffs at the Country as appropriate.

Key External Contacts
Other agencies, State organization (DD/MINEDUB, DD/MINAS, DD/ MINPROFF) and groups responding to the emergency, in particular those working in the emergency education sector.

Reporting lines

Reports to the ECHO Project Coordinator and the Senior M&E Coordinator as appropriate.

Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours Required to Achieve Role’s Objectives:

  • Diploma in Monitoring and evaluation or Bac + 2 in social sciences, statistics, economics or other related sectors ;
  • Three (03) years minimum experience in planning, monitoring and participatory evaluation of programmes and projects;
  • Have solid experience in the conduct of qualitative and quantitative investigation;
  • Have a practical and relevant experience in the interventions in emergency contexts;
  • Have a good editorial capacity (capacity of drafting of reports);
  • Know how to use the computer and master standard software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...); 
  • A knowledge of the intervention area would be an asset;
  • Good knowledge and understanding of humanitarian principles and established international child protection standards;
  • Knowledge and skills: knowledge of PLAN policies and procedures, Sphere and the Red Cross/ NGO Code of Conduct. Requires general finance, administration, information management and telecommunication skills and proficiency in information technology/ computer skills;
  • Experience in the Far North of Cameroon, especially of Logon & Chari is an asset.
Skills in participatory assessment.
People Skills: Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership and is able to support and train local staff and also able to work with displaced persons and communities in a sensitive and participatory manner.
Communication Skills: Well developed written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders as a representative of Plan. This includes effective negotiation and representation skills.
Commitment to child protection, gender equality and participation.
Fluency in French and English.

Commitment and adherence to humanitarian values and standards,
Cross-culturally agile
Aware of own strengths, weaknesses and pro-active in using feedback and self-development
Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment to Plan's core values and humanitarian principles
Resilience/Adaptability and flexibility: Ability to operate effectively under extreme circumstances including stress, high security risks and harsh living conditions. Works and lives with a flexible, adaptable and resilient manner.
Awareness and sensitivity of self and others: Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to gender and diversity. Have experience and the ability to live and work in diverse cultural contexts in a culturally appropriate manner. Has a capacity to make accurate self-assessment particularly in high stress and high security contexts.
Patient, adaptable, flexible, able to improvise and remain responsive under pressure.
Preparedness to live and work in uncertain security environments.
Experience working in conflict or emergency-affected areas (or other situations where insecurity and corruption can be big issues)
Commitment to and skills in capacity building – together with the ability to assess and coach others.

Physical Environment and Demands:
  • Work both at the office and in the field
  • Frequent field visits: The Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator will spend at least 60% of his time on the field in the context of the implementation of M&E activities
  • Periods of intense work at all times of day and night.
  • Working in multiple locations and on the movements.
Keys External Contacts :

Middle interaction with children

Submission of applications
To apply for this offer, please click on "Apply". Applications must be made up of:
A full CV
A cover Letter

Location: Kousseri

Type of Role: M&E Officer

Reports to: Team Leader

Grade: B

Closing Date: 30/05/2020

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