About the results of the American Lottery 2021

The verification of the status of candidates for the electronic diversity visa of the United States Department for DV-2021 candidates initially scheduled for May 05, 2020 was postponed on June 06, 2020.

The verification of the status of DV-2020 candidates will remain open until September 30, 2020.

Click here for how to check the DV 2020 lottery results

For DV-2021 Participants can enter their confirmation information via the link below from June 06, 2020.

Check the link to check the status of the DV-2021 participant.

The DV-2021 entry period was opened on October 02, 2019 and was closed on November 05, 2019. Only confirmation information for entries submitted during this period is valid to verify their status. Participants must keep their confirmation number until September 30, 2021.

Please make sure you have the participant confirmation number, last name and year of birth to check the participant's status online.

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