Job Opportunity : Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Job Opportunity : Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Job Opportunity : Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Terms of Reference

Job Title :

Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant

Work Schedule : Full-time

Location :Contract Period :

Yaounde, Cameroon

1 April 2020-30 January 2022

Position Summary

AIM is a global initiative working collaboratively with Ministries of Health and other partners to determine the geographic distribution of NTDs cases and morbidity through digital maps, support Ministries of Health to develop evidence-based strategic plans for integrated case management of NTDs and mobilize resources for national programs to implement these plans.

AIM Initiative is looking to hire Monitoring and Evaluation consultant for a project entitled Integrated community - based case detection and surveillance of skin presenting Neglected Tropical Diseases. The project is funded by Kfw /OCEAC and implemented by CNLP2LUB/MINSANTE with the support of AIM Initiative and FAIRMED in the Centre, East and South Regions of Cameroon.

The Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant will primarily support the M&E, data collection and reporting needs for the implementation of the Integrated community - based case detection and surveillance of skin presenting Neglected Tropical Diseases in the Centre, East and South Regions of Cameroon project. Also, ensure compliance with all M&E and reporting requirements for the duration of the project.

This position will be hosted in the CNLP2LUB/MINSANTE and work under the supervision of the Permanent Secretary of the CNLP2LUB/MINSANTE with scheduled reporting of the progress of the project to AIM Program Manager

Essential Job Functions
Program reporting, monitoring & evaluation
  • Lead the development of log frames, M&E framework, performance management frameworks (PMF), and other tools to guide program monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop guidelines, templates and procedures for monitoring and reporting across partners
  • Identify and establish indicators for the targeted diseases of the project to be used as standardized indicators for reporting through the HMIS system.
  • Work closely with the HMIS department, regional and district data officers and the M&E Manager for the Coordination Unit of NTDs and Malaria to ensure harmonization of data flow in the HMIS.
  • Prepare internal and external reports and respond to stakeholder inquiries regarding program M&E
  • Serve as the point person for district reports to the National program
  • Support the development of relevant tools and materials for the implementation of the project (ODK, recording and reporting tools etc.)
Support analysis and learning from program data
  • Consolidate, critically analyze and report on program data to support internal learning and improvement
  • Advise on the implementation and management of flexible and simple recording and lesson sharing methods at national and regional levels to promote learning across programs
  • Work with the district Data Officers to ensure data quality for all programs by conducting regular data audits
  • Share consolidated and analyzed information from the project with the Permanent Secretary and AIM Program Manager on a regular basis to show progress against objectives of the project
  • Collaborate with the AIM team to support data cleaning, analysis and interpretation of GIS map
Evaluation and program improvement
  • Provide recommendations to the Permanent Secretary and AIM of actions and changes to project plans that may be required based on the evidence arising from monitoring and evaluation data

To perform the job successfully, the employee should achieve or maintain acceptable productivity levels, quality levels and/or outcomes in the areas listed below:
  • Quarterly Progress Reports (QPR) are reviewed and analyzed each quarter
  • Log frames, PMFs, logic models, etc. are developed to guide program M&E
  • M&E templates, procedures and frameworks are developed and shared
  • M&E data is available in a consumable form for internal and external stakeholders to support learning and program improvement
  • Ensure M&E data represent/ covers technical areas of program implementation
  • Generate relevant GIS outputs with appropriate M&E indicators
Required Minimum Education, Experience and Skills
  • Bachelor’s degree in public health, statistics, epidemiology, international development or other related field. Minimum five years working experience in a position of monitoring and evaluation officer/manager is required for the position with proven competencies in the following areas:
  • Monitoring and evaluation of health systems and global health programs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of GIS (either ArcGIS or QGis software) and experience with epidemiological mapping
  • Knowledge of monitoring and evaluation theories, resources and best practices
  • Experience with multi-county project coordination with international organizations and Ministries of Health
  • Familiarity with various mobile survey collection tools (SurveyCTO, KoboToolbox, Open Data kit, etc.)
  • Experience reporting on USAID/DFID-funded projects
  • Proficiency in English and French
Preferred Education, Experience and Skills
  • Post-graduate degree in public health, international development or a related field
  • Good understanding of neglected tropical diseases
  • Proficient in speaking and writing in French and English
  • Ability to utilize Epi Info, R, SPSS, or similar platform for analysis
  • Understanding of and experience with HMIS, DHIS2
  • Only Cameroonian candidates will be considered for this position
Please send your CV and cover letter for this request to Anteneh Zewdie, Program Director, AIM Initiative at by Friday March 20, 2020| (c)


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