Setting up the Cati 2 - UDs Campus of Ebolowa and special call for innovative ideas

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Dschang informs the university community and the public of the city of Ebolowa and its environs of the creation of a Support Centre for Technology, Innovation and Incubation of the University of Dschang (CATI2-UDs) of the Wood, Water and Environment Sector (FMBEE) of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences (FASA) of the Universiry of Dschang in Ebolowa.

CATI2-UDs is a skills development tool for entrepreneurship. It provides young people with an incubator intended to support them in their entrepreneurial project by providing them with: coaches, dedicated infrastructure and equipment

The special call for innovative ideas from CATI2 - UDs, Ebolowa Campus targets young people who wish to create a profitable business in Cameroon.

Open to all young people, it is completely free of charge.

The winners obtain individual professional coaching to move from the project idea submitted to a viable business project.

To apply, simply submit your project idea to the Secretariat of the FMBEE Ebolowa Coordinator before February 14th 2020.

Those wishing to obtain more information are invited to contact Professor ATANGANA ATEBA, Facilitator of CATI2-UDs Ebolowa Campus (Tel: 699 80 18 17).

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